Kerrie Smith, RN

Senior Director of Clinical & Reimbursement

Kerrie Smith is the Senior Director of Clinical & Reimbursement at SAK Healthcare.  Ms. Smith is a registered Nurse and has 25 years of experience in long-term care including 17 years as a reimbursement nurse. Ms. Smith is a member of the American Association of Nurse Assessment Coordinators (AANAC). Ms. Smith’s dedication to continued education, both for herself and her team members helps to ensure that clients meet the regulatory compliance of the RAI process. Ms. Smith has a proven track record ensuring that facilities under her direction are maximizing reimbursement opportunities while maintaining standards of compliance.

Through her decades of experience, Ms. Smith has developed methodologies to enable her client’s facilities to achieve maximum reimbursement through the documentation and assessment process.  Ms. Smith is confident in her expertise to consult, train and educate the IDT team members on the MDS, submissions, PDPM and restorative programming. Ms. Smith oversees and educates MDS coordinators and IDT team members to perfect accuracy of assessment, CAA, Care Plan completion and restorative programming. Ms. Smith trains all levels of nursing staff regarding regulatory requirements and survey techniques. Ms. Smith develops and implements Plans of Corrections for survey citations and provides Direct In-Services to staff for the Plan of Care Process.  Ms. Smith’s expertise in gathering and assessing documentation and developing action plans for targeted quality assurance programs results in positive outcomes.  Ms. Smith’s oversight of monthly Medicare billing includes demand billing requests and clinical reimbursement documentation guarantees superior results.