Keith Hufsey

Vice President of Clinical & Regulatory Operations

Keith Hufsey is the Vice President of Clinical & Regulatory Operations for SAK Healthcare.  With over 30 years’ experience working in the long-term care industry, Mr. Hufsey provides clients with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Mr. Hufsey is involved with the overall operations at healthcare facilities and plays an instrumental role in the turnaround of deficient facilities.  Over his career, Mr. Hufsey has accumulated a number of deficiency-free surveys, which speak to his ability to deliver results, and has maintained major involvement in assisting the turnaround of deficient nursing homes into operationally sound facilities.

Keith’s input and operational involvement include the benefit of his experience in various facets of the long-term care industry as well as other related fields. The value he brings to every client includes knowledge that stems from being a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator for over 25 years. His expertise of writing Plans of Correction for government approval and State licensure and Federal certification is unmatched. He carries a Food Service Certification and is a Licensed Practical Nurse in Illinois and a Certified Trustee to a multi-million-dollar religious organization.